Friday, July 27, 2012

Discrimination Case Revived

An Egyptian-born FBI supervisor, Bassem Youssef, filed a claim of discrimination after being passed over for several promotions. He claimed that after the September 11, 2001 attacks he was transferred to a job he was overqualified for due the circulation of false rumors. The alleged rumors were that Youssef had refused to carry out orders while he was stationed in Saudi Arabia because of his Muslim faith and that he had also worn Arabic head-gear. He claims that he was discriminated against due to these false rumors and thus filed suit. In 2008, a judge of the federal court ruled that Youssef’s failed to show that he had suffered a materially adverse action. Termination, demotion, or undesirable reassignment may constitute a materially adverse action depending on the circumstances. On appeal, the court revived Youseff’s discrimination claim and found that a reasonable juror could find that Youssef had suffered a materially adverse action due to the reduction in his job responsibilities. To read more click here.

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