Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stopping Workplace Bullying

What exactly is "workplace bullying"? It can take many forms, such as yelling, tormenting, teasing and taunting. The most common form of workplace bullying is verbal abuse, followed by bullying through social media. This issue is on the rise and states have started to consider passing legislation to help employees sue for harassment when there are damages. 

An article in Komo News reported that over twelve states have already considered anti-bullying policies in response to the growing amount of incidents being cited. (Click here to access) Fifty-six percent of companies have already implemented some sort of anti-bullying policy into their code of conduct or handbook. Advocacy groups are urging other states to follow suit, hoping for an eventual nationwide reform of how workplace bullying is addressed.

If you believe you are being bullied at work, do not hesitate to check your employee handbook for a policy against bullying. If your employer has not yet implemented a policy, contact a local employment law attorney to find out if your state has a policy.

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