Thursday, December 4, 2014

Because I focus my practice on employment law and most of my clients are employees, I consult with dozens of people who have been treated horribly at work and many who have been fired.  The law in North Carolina is not favorable for employees so I have to give many people the bad news that they have no legal claim.  The majority listen to me and, while perhaps not happy with the information I give them, understand that there is no legal claim available to them.  However, there are people each week who get mad at me for giving them bad news. They may say nasty things to me during the consultations, send me nasty emails or even go on websites to give nasty reviews or make nasty comments.

Every now and then there is a person who truly appreciates the advice and counsel I have provided. Those people understand that the law in this state is the problem. And sometimes those people provide wonderful feedback like this that helps to make me feel my work for employees is worthwhile:

From: *******
To: *****
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 5:36 PM
Subject: Lesson Learned!

Good Afternoon Mr. Angel,
I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me this afternoon and being honest about this case and I'm elated!!! I guess you say, "I 'm just doing my job", well everyone is not as candid and honest as you were this afternoon.  I would rather hear the truth and move forward than waste money on charlatans and  frivolous claims and that was worth whatever I had to spend for your services. I wish I would have  gone to you first ,  well lesson learned.  Thanks again and feel free to post my comment on your blog!​

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  1. Amen. 90-95% of the people that contact us get the " employment... few protected classes... sounds like you were treated badly, but unfortunately it doesn't sound like you have a claim" speech. Every now and then we get a reaction like this.